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Ghostwriting and digital media production is our specialty.

This is where you can order 5-star writing services from a seasoned, professional writer. Lynn Futura (pen name), is one of the top writers on the web today with over 5,000 articles to her name over the past six years. In addition, we own a high-tech digital multimedia business that we have been operating for over 20 years. We produce high-quality digital media including many of the most popular file types including:

-Blu-Ray disc

-DVD disc




We can convert most file types to any type of file format you need for your own project or for archiving purposes.

Speaking of archiving, have you heard about the new type of media called "M-DISC?" 

We can do this now, also and archive/store, and save your most precious files, pictures, documents, audio, and video files to eternity discs.

We call them that because they last over 1,000 years! Made of the most durable materials known to man, these new M-DISCS can be burned using our special M-DISC Blu-Ray and DVD drives and sent back to you, along with your original disc for only $100 for up to 5 discs. 

We purchased an expensive, high-quality M-DISC burner for both DVD and Blu-Ray platforms, so we can make our copies faster now, too!

We usually charge around $25 per disc due to the time and trouble we go to in order to create, burn, and send back your media. But if you send

UP TO 5 discs, the cost is only $20 per disc while we get this started.

To purchase a package now and have your priceless memories burned to timeless M-DISC, click the button below.

Don't just burn a disc. Save your memories. 

M-DISC [Blu-ray] [DVD] [CD} {Photo CDs] and more. Please specify the type of format you want when ordering.

Order 5-star writing services 

Order articles, custom writing services, or other media by visiting our WEBSTORE. Or contact us for more information and we'll send you an invoice through PayPal and get started on your project. 

COMING SOON...our media archives and nature therapy (nature sounds) for download!

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